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Oscilatoare de tip LC Edit

Oscilatorul Colpitts Edit


NPN Colpitts oscillator base coil.png

Oscilatorul Hartley Edit


Oscilatorul Clapp Edit

Clapp oscillator.png

Oscilatorul Armstrong Edit

TICKLER oscilator.png

Oscilator cu blocare Edit

Puntea Wien Edit

Wien bridge classic osc.png

Oscilator cu defazaj Edit

Rc phase shift oscillator.gif

Semnal dreptunghiular (digital) Edit

Multivibrator Edit


Oscilator circular Edit


Oscilator cu cristal tip CMOS Edit

CMOS CrystalOscillator.png

Oscilator Schmitt Trigger Edit


Oscilator RC stabil Edit

Cronometru tip 555 Edit


Alte tipuri Edit

Resurse Edit

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